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Tenfold Shields || (Closed rp with torn-by-dreams)



He swore under his breath as he got a proper look at the creature, his eyes wide and his mouth falling agape in awe. It was almost too much to believe! He’d seen mythical creatures before, but nothing like this…

In his excitement, he’d forgotten to keep himself hidden behind the tree, and the dragon’s yellow eyes locked on his, the beast tensing visibly as it assessed any danger he might pose.

The dragon growled and began to writhe against it’s bonds once more. Bomba felt incredibly guilty now… Sure, he’d gotten a proper look at it now… But it wasn’t fair for any animal to be trapped.

The Professor found himself doing something incredibly stupid. He put his hands where the beast could see them and he took a tentative step closer. Everything inside him was screaming for him to run, to get to safety, but he couldn’t just leave this poor thing like this…

"Hey. Easy, there. Easy…" He spoke soothingly, keeping his voice even in spite of his heart pounding in fear. He took another step closer, looking the black creature over and breathing out a shaky breath. This was possibly the dumbest thing he’d ever done. But if he could get close enough, maybe he could help untangle it…

"It’s alright. I’m not going to hurt you."

Pitch’s nostrils flared, expelling great breaths -breaths so hot they made the air shimmer, as it did over the flames of a bonfire- and twitched his tail in agitation. It thumped like a python repeatedly hitting the forest floor. It was all useless. The curious man still approached, though he looked ready to soil himself. He even reassured Pitch! That made him laugh, the noise coming muffled from his tightly clamped jaws.

He may as well let the fool release him; it would take hours to free himself, and he would grow hungry by nightfall -and he dearly wished to show this scientist what happened when you snared a dragon.

Bomba breathed out slowly, glancing at the dragon as it made a strange low grunting noise. He gulped nervously and began to roll up his sleeves, taking another few hesitant steps forward.

"Ohhh-kay…" He muttered, scratching his head. How the hell was he going to do this?

The Professor reached slowly into his vest pocket to fish out his pocket knife, keeping his movements smooth and easy and keeping eye contact with the beast. He had no idea how intelligent dragons were… In legends, sometimes they spoke, sometimes they understood humans, other times they were just animals. He had no clue how it worked in real life, but he was praying to his lucky stars that he wasn’t letting loose a creature that would kill him without hesitation.

He had a few things for protection in his vest, but with those scales, his chances were slim to actually fend it off.

Still, he couldn’t leave it here. And there was something in it’s golden eyes that seemed… Knowledgeable. Understanding.

"Okay." He said again keeping his tone as calming as he could manage, rubbing his nose nervously as he unfolded the knife. He glanced at the dragon again and approached one of the beast’s wings strapped down by the tangled knot of ropes.

"Here we go. I’m gonna get you loose, alright?" He assured, half to himself, half to the dragon. His shaky hands reached out to grip the ropes and started to work at the first cord.

A message from Anonymous
"Professor," he gently bowed to the man when getting into the line of the magnifying glasses "I have come here to ask for your help." - everyleafmanfalls

The Professor had been working, taking notes on an older drawing in his sketchbook on what MK had said needed changing. He was so wrapped up in his work that he hadn’t noticed he’d gotten a visitor.
He jumped a bit in surprise when he heard a familiar voice to his right and a yelp escaped his lips before he could stop it.
"Oh! I— Oh. Ronin?" He adjusted his glasses, peering at the Leafman curiously.

Bomba got to his feet and leaned on the table, adjusting the magnifying glass strapped to the table. He cleared his throat a bit nervously and offered an equally nervous smile. He still wasn’t used to this whole Jinn-willingy-talking-to-him thing!

"General! Hello! How are you? What— Um, what brings you my, er, humble abode?" He gestured vaguely around them to signify the house.



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  • independent MK blog
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  • some pages are still under construction
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He grinned as she asked if they could do this again and he leaned forward slightly in his excitement.

"Yes! Yes, of course we can! I mean, I’m glad we’re here on New Year’s, but I think a day that’s a bit less busy and a bit less chilly would be a bit more comfortable, for both of us."

He glanced down at her hands around his own thoughtfully and glanced up a bit shyly.
"Annie, are you enjoying yourself?" He asked hopefully, looking at her over his glasses affectionately.

She smiled, then laughed cheerfully, “I’m glad. Less chilly would be wonderful, because without my…” She paused, remembering to lower her voice, “Without my magic I’d forgotten how the elements could really feel.”

Her hands squeezed his, still absorbing the heat through them, as she nodded, “I love it. This is great, being able to interact with the world again, and with you. Thank you for bringing me, love.” She met his eyes, hers lit up happily.

Bomba looked relieved when she assured him she was having a good time.

"Of course. I’m glad we’re here."

He looked as if he was about to say something, but he hesitated for a moment… He didn’t want to make her suspicious, but he had to be sure before he did anything. They’d discussed it all before, of course, but he couldn’t help but still be nervous about what he had planned for midnight, which was approaching faster than he would have liked.

"Say… Um. Annie." He began, glancing away nervously. "You… I-I mean we—?" He sighed and cleared his throat and tried again, looking at her and taking a deep breath.

"I love you, Annamore." The Professor said meaningfully. "And I want to do this again. I want us to be together, a-and if you want to be around people, I’m more than happy to show you off.

"God knows how the heck I managed to be with you, but, you know…"
He added, shrugging and smiling, trying to put a joke in so she wasn’t surprised by his sudden need to tell her how he felt.

Gosh, it was so hard to keep secrets from her! It wasn’t his strong suit, especially not something this big!

"Save yourself" - Continued





The Boggan’s fist closed around the human’s neck and Bomba found himself swung into the air again, this time the grip around his neck. And it was getting tighter. He managed one painful ragged breath before the choking hold on his neck got too tight to breathe. His eyes widened and he clawed at the Boggan’s arm as he started to panic…

The edges of his vision started to fog and his heartbeat was pounding in his ears when Raine charged, grabbing the dagger and stabbing the Boggan.

The Human was dropped again and he fell to the ground, gasping for air. He watched as, finally, the Boggan captain was felled by Raine’s blow a twisted sense of satisfaction coming over him as he watched it collapse and choke on it’s blood.

He pushed himself up, took another painful breath and looked up at Raine, a mixed expression of fear, relief and gratefulness on his bloodied features.

"Thank you…!" He rasped in a sigh, letting his head fall down in relief. "Oh, god, thank you…"

 As the life faded from the Boggan’s eyes, Raine snapped out of it and rushed to Bomba’s side, his well-being her main priority. “Bomba! Are you alright? Did he hurt you anywhere else?” She questioned, deeming the cut on his cheek minor and not a threat. She worried he was hurt somewhere else - then she realized his glasses had fallen off. Looking around, she picked them up quickly - checking to make sure they weren’t broken before handing them to the Stomper. “Here, they’re not broken,” she said, trying to muster some sort of smile. It hurt to smile. Everything hurt to be honest. Raine tried not to wince as she crouched there, but it was hard. Those kicks had done a number on her stomach despite the armor. Plus her face was a bloody mess.

"No, no, I’m alright. Just a bit shaken up." He assured her as she rushed to his side and retrieved his glasses. He took them and looked them over with a heavy sigh, putting them on again. He couldn’t believe that they’d just survived that… Perhaps he was just not used to battle, but his heart was racing and he was a little bit in shock.

He looked up at her and now that he had his glasses back, his face paled at how awful she looked. Her face was bruised and twisted in pain, her armor dented and dirty and bloody.

And she was worried about his bloody nose?!

Bomba made a quiet noise of sympathy and put his hands on her arms.
"Oh, my god…" He muttered. "You look terrible."

The Professor looked her over, expression plainly portraying his concern and anxiety about her well being. She took a hell of a beating and he was amazed she was still going. If it was him, he would have passed out a long time ago. He supposed that was why she was a soldier and he wasn’t.

He took note of where she’d gotten hit by the arrow earlier and glanced up at her, his heart pounding in residual adrenaline and in fear for his friend’s state.
"Oh, god, are you ok? No, of course you’re not ‘ok’ but…?"

A message from ihurtmyelbow
"Hey, Raine!" Bomba greeted with a smile, putting his sketchbook in his vest pocket when he saw her. "Back from patrol?" He asked.




 Raine had been trying to sneak back home from patrol unnoticed. She had made good progress…until she heard Bomba’s familiar voice calling her name. Before she could brace herself, the blonde felt a hot rush overcome her as she climaxed, letting out a low moan. She bit her lip to cut off the sound as she tried to act casual. “O-Oh…Hey Professor…” She managed. Of all the people it could have been…gods this is going to be embarrassing! "Y-Yeah, just got back from p-patrol…"


Bomba looked at her quizzically, looking completely confused by her sudden refusal to go to the medic. She gave up finally, and grabbed his arm, saying she’d explain what was going on once they made it to her house.

"Are you ok?" He asked yet again as she shut the door and locked it, looking at him.

He fell silent as she began to explain, studying her ashamed expression and the way she just couldn’t make eye contact. She finally got it out and explained, blushing bright red and all but hiding her face in embarrassment.

He stared at her stupidly in silence for a few moments longer than was comfortable.

"…What?" Was all he could muster right off the bat. He pushed his glasses up and stuttered as he continued, trying to process the information she’d given him.

"So you… You what? You c—"

…His expression when it finally clicked would have been hilarious if the two of them weren’t completely mortified. It was an even mix of horror, sympathy and secondhand embarrassment.

Oh, god.

  The silence was unbearable. Oh gods let me crawl into a hole! She inwardly groaned. When Bomba finally spoke, she could tell he was still processing her words. The moment when it clicked was worse than the previous silence. Raine was beet red from embarrassment, avoiding Bomba’s gaze completely. She crossed her arms tightly over her chest, her pants so much more uncomfortable now. “Y-Yeah…um…” Ugh she didn’t know what to say! This was all so mortifying! “I’m-I’m going to - uh - take a shower…It’s up to you i-if you want to- ah - stay,” she stammered, still not meeting his eyes. She just wanted away. He was always welcome in her home, but…

 ”Actually Bomba - I need s-some time…alone. Please,” she murmured, hoping he’d leave.

Bomba’s silence was quickly replaced with urgent babbling as she crossed her arms and looked unbearably embarrassed. It was beyond him why anyone would cast such a horrible spell and Raine was understandably mortified over it!

"No! No, no! I completely understand wanting to— Of course, Rai— I-I mean, I’m— No, definitely."

The Professor realized that he’d spoken an awful lot, but hadn’t really said anything and he tried again, his face burning red and his hand on his chest as a sign of honesty as he backed up to the door.

"Yeah, no, I am so, so sorry. I am— Oh, gosh, that’s a horrible spell, I totally understand and I—” He cut himself off as he bumped against the door and he put his hand on the handle, and the other undid the lock.
"I do not have to stay here. No offense! I just— I think you should be… Comfortable. And y-you know, safe from any accidental— Accidental triggers because gosh, we both know I’ve got a mouth on me!”

He adjusted his glasses and waved a hand.”It’s fine! Oh, gosh, it’s totally fine. I’ll go ask, um, Ronin or Nod or somebody if they know if anyone’s got a spare bed lyin’ around.”

Bomba opened the door and looked at her again, a wince of sympathy on his face as he finally stopped his babbling.
"…Oh, god, I’m so sorry.”



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Hehe I had a feeling this would be the result. Shut up you know you love me 0u0
((whether or not i love you has nothing to do with the facT THAT YOU’RE AN AWFUL PERSON))