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Mandrake sighed deeply. “I see you need better incentive.”

He turned from Bomba, walking down his hall of trophies as if searching them for an idea. In fact, he had one already, but it was not one he particularly liked to use, even on a pathetic sympathizer of the enemy. After all, Mandrake had once had a child.

This was war, he reminded himself. If his heart caused him to falter, it would spell the end of his reign. He stopped walking about halfway down the gallery, and looked over his shoulder.

"Your lovely daughter… she’s in Moonhaven today, isn’t she?"

Bomba felt a cold knot in his stomach at the words the Boggan King uttered. His eyes widened and he went pale at the threat behind the casual question.

Suddenly, the threat the King posed became that much more real and deep down, Bomba knew his stubbornness wouldn’t go unpunished.

His expression warped into one of anger, his jaw jutting out in outrage. He wasn’t about to let his daughter be brought into this nightmare, not by a long shot. He’d withstand any amount of torture if it meant keeping her out of this.

MK was safe, for now. He knew the Leafmen considered her to be a dear friend and it would take a good deal of fighting for the Boggans to get anywhere near her.

…But he could tell that was only temporary. When Mandrake wanted something, it was obvious he would get it, no matter how long it took.

"She’s none of your concern." He replied, his voice dropping low and his hands curling into fists.

Mandrake turned and saw the same anger he himself would express, no doubt, if someone were to threaten Dagda. If Dagda was still here. He felt a painful twinge in his chest, sickening and melancholy, and his enthusiasm to interrogate Bomba sunk like a stone in mud. It was only his stubbornness that goaded him on.

"Oh, she is my concern." Mandrake strode up to Bomba in a few stalking movements and cast a dark shadow over him. His voice grew low. "Especially if her father does not become more conversational. What’s the matter, Bomba? From what I hear, it’s usually difficult to make you stop talking about your little Leafman friends.”

It struck Mandrake as odd that, before his defeat on the solstice, he had had no qualms about injuring or even killing the girl who stole the pod from under his nose - but now that her father was in the picture, he felt that touching a single hair on her head was disdainful. He deeply resented that girl for what she had done. By all accounts, she was his enemy… but someone’s child, like Dagda.

Mandrake cursed his heart for its weakness and spoke again.

Speak. Do not test me. Do not make me hurt your darling girl.”

"You bastard!" The infuriated Professor hissed through clenched teeth. His hands shook and his voice quivered. He knew Mandrake held the cards and anything he did he would pay for later… But the only thing running through his mind was him trying to come up with some way to make sure MK remained safe…

There was nothing he could do from here. If Mandrake ordered it, MK would be in danger and he couldn’t do a thing to stop it, not at this size…! He was completely useless, damn it all!

In a surge of anger and desperation, he lurched forward, grabbing the Boggan King’s tunic collar violently. It was a stupid thing to do, and he knew it, but if this… This monster was using his daughter against him, he’d be damned if he just stood by and complied.

"If you so much as put a hand on her, I swear to god—!" He growled, his voice shaking in rage and angry tears welling up in his eyes against his will.

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Bomba smiled when she giggled, feeling a bit more relaxed so long as she didn’t mind his rambling too much. Her laugh and her playful joking was unusual for a Leafman…Usually they were straightfaced or distant or suspicious around him.

Well, they were soldiers, after all. Perhaps that was the norm, considering they had to be alert in order to protect their people.
But Raine here was good company and he was pleased with the fact that she was comfortable enough to continue a conversation with him.

Yep, I live nearby! He pointed, glancing over his shoulder as he gestured behind him. See that hill? I’m right up there. Just a hike away, really! Not too far at all.

 The Leafwoman looked at Bomba as she awaited his response, actually examining what she was doing. She was talking to a Stomper. A Stomper! But not only was she talking to him, she was talking through her mind with him! Still, Raine found she was enjoying Bomba’s company.

Really? Just over that hill? Raine could hardly believe she’d never seen his home before. She flew by that hill nearly everyday for pod’s sake! Wow that must be a big house since you Stompers are pretty tall," she replied with surprise. Do you have any plants…flowers growing around your home? Mine is small, a cottage really. A clump of honeysuckle grows around some of it. It’s in Moonhaven, off to the side. It’s not too far from the barracks and training grounds, but a good distance away from the noisy marketplace.

He chuckled and nodded. The house was a pretty big one to him, not even to mention how it would seem to a Leafman.

He perked up visibly as she explained about her own home, the Professor committing the factoids about the barracks and marketplace to memory. Oh, he hoped that perhaps someday he’d be able to visit there…!

That sounds lovely! He mentally replied. As for plants, I used to have a garden out front… But that hasn’t been tended to in a very long time…

He shrugged. Who knows, maybe I’ll plant something next year.

Bomba smiled and pushed his goggles up as they slid down slightly at his sudden motion.

I’d love to see your place someday! Well, you know, if something can be done about the whole size thing, of course… It sounds much nicer than mine, that’s for sure!

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"Save yourself, I’ll hold them back."

A fine afternoon had just taken a sharp turn for the worse.

He’d been walking with Raine on her patrol to satisfy his own curiosity on Leafman routine and now, they were faced with several Boggans, releasing feral growls their way and looking ready for a fight.

Bomba wasn’t exactly experienced in anything like this. Most of the time, he was avoided entirely by both parties. But he wasn’t about to leave Raine here to face them on her own…! She could handle herself just fine, of course, but he wasn’t going to just ditch her and run.

"No, don’t be stupid." He replied, going through his vest pockets to find something, anything of use to help. He found that really the only practical thing he had was his sketchbook, which he supposed was better than nothing. He glanced at her, his brows furrowed in concern, and he gulped nervously. "I’m not gonna leave you to fight them off on your own."

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It was Easter and there was one thing she'd been working on non-stop for a week. Siris made cascarónes, hallowed out painted eggs filled with confetti and perfume and capped with wax. It was an old courting ritual to throw at the ones you found attractive but now a days the perfume was left out and it was more about fun. Siris threw a bunch at Bomba. Confetti was everywhere and it smelled like Japanese cherry blossoms, her perfume. "Happy Easter!"

The Professor let out an undignified yelp and ducked as he was ambushed by a certain energetic someone. He panicked for a moment when he realized he’d been hit with, horrified for a moment at the thought  that he’d be covered with egg… But he looked down to discover his shirt was not in fact dripping with yolks, but instead with colorful confetti.

After a moment he realized what tradition Siris was partaking in and he smiled, brushing of his shirt.

"Hey!" He exclaimed. He gathered a handful of confetti and tossed it over her in turn, grinning at the playful shriek she gave. "You’re lucky I didn’t make any of those myself! We’d have a battle on our hands if I did!"


"Oh, my gosh. Is it already Easter? Dear god, I totally forgot that was today…! Uh— Hap— Happy Easter, I guess?"

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